Versatile Natures


Category: Reality Capture
What the Versatile Integration Does
  • Access Versatile data via your BIM 360 Project Home
  • Versatile can be embedded as a BIM 360 Partner Home Card
  • Capture real time information on your jobsites
Integration Details

Our platform integrates quickly and seamlessly into your existing processes—no extra steps needed and no time wasted. Whether onsite or managing remotely, you get real-time insights, specific to your jobsite, that power smart decisions about improving productivity, efficiency and safety.

About Versatile Natures

Through our own experiences in the industry, we realized there needed to be a smarter way to manage jobsites—so we created it. Our CraneView™ device is giving construction professionals never-before-available visibility into jobsite challenges and opportunities. And it can do the same for you, too.