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What the PLEX.EARTH360 Integration Does
  • Field agents can instantly send geolocated photos and placemarks back to the office
  • Office engineers can guide field agents to any location in order to collect useful project data
  • Field agents can receive placemarks in AR mode with an interface to get them there quickly
  • They can additionally view places of interest around them to help them navigate their surroundings
  • Office engineers can access all photos that have been shared in the past to see project progress
Integration Details

Plex.Earth360 consists of three major interconnected parts: the mobile client (whose AR mode is based on the Unity engine), the web application and the cloud service (hosted in Azure), which performs the synchronization between the connected clients and BIM 360.


Plexscape is the software company that has developed Plex.Earth, a dynamic platform that allows companies in AEC sector to connect their AutoCAD projects to Google Earth and the real-world.

For more than 7 years, Plex.Earth helps thousands of engineers to keep their projects on time and on budget.