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Category: Accounting / ERP, Cost Management
Works With: Cost Management
What the Frameworks Integration Does
  • Reduce Redundancy -- avoid duplicate, manual data entry and the associated errors
  • Lower Costs -- produce reports 75% quicker to avoid wasting hours of a PM’s time
  • Decide Quickly -- have accurate daily job cost information for labor, material, subs and misc. costs
  • Lower Risk -- reduce change order processing time to 25%
  • Heighten Visibility -- gain insight into new sources of information from ERP, PPM, CRM, etc. systems
Integration Details

For over 18 years we've connected the applications that build the world. 

  • Pre-build, enterprise-grade adapters for 15+ ERP & PPM solutions
  • Easily and quickly configure existing and new business processes
  • Self Service, no coding, and an intuitive UI enables rapid changes


About Morpheus Technology Group

With over 18 years of experience in helping companies unlock hidden value between multiple applictions, Morpheus Technology Group (MTG) provides a Dynamic Integration solution that connects and optimizes ERP, PPM and other mission critical construction applications.


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