Grit Virtual, Inc.

Grit Virtual

Category: Scheduling
Works With: Docs
What the Grit Virtual Integration Does
  • Generate more detailed schedules than any other available scheduling process.
  • Generate construction sequences that finish projects quicker.
  • Allow less time to be spent preparing the schedule.
  • Automatic adjustment of construction schedule based on production reporting.
Integration Details

Easy to use VR and Web environments allow foremen input to the plan. This input algorithmically sequences activities, coordinates work areas, and resource loads activities into a project schedule. Lookaheads and task boards allow feedback in order to keep the schedule "living" through the project. 

About Grit Virtual, Inc.

Grit solves for the massive labor waste on construction projects due to ineffective project planning and management. Grit is a merger of existing scheduling themes of using work-facing personnel in plan input, 4D (3D + time), Critical Path, and newfound themes such as artificial intelligence.