Status: Beta
Category: Mixed Reality AR / VR
Works With: Docs
What the Astralink Integration Does
  • Overlays 3D models on top of reality to help with Quality Assurance in construction sites
  • Enables the user to overlay 3D model on top of reality using AR
  • Compare reality with As Built
Integration Details

1. Open 2D/3D floor plan in BIM 360 Docs

2. Tap a location in the 2D/3D plan and a locaiton point will be passed to Astralink's app

3. Astralink will be opened and an overlay of a 3D model of the specific point  will be shown on top of reality

About Astralink

Astralink is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform that prevents construction errors by comparing the actual construction state (as-built) and the BIM model throughout the building process. Based on computer vision technology, Astralink’s solution is mobile, fast and can be operated by anyone.